This Latina from the Bronx came to play no games


"The girl with the big eyes and the big dreams."

Angie Rose, is determined to change the world one step at a time. With a  movement on her shoulders, a music career on her mind, the heart of the people embedded in hers, and the spirit of God in her lungs, she has motivated thousands to say with everything in them that they are


One things for sure, Angie will not stop! 

She has set her mind to blessing the people, so that they might bless others.

Alone we are weak, a drop in the ocean, but together, 

We Are An Ocean! 

it is unity that alters a current meant for destruction and uses it for greatness.

Angie takes a stage, a street corner, or a staircase with the tenacity of 10,000 men. Demonstrating exceptional skill in rap, she can also sing a melody that would inspire a heart of stone to beat. With an extremely diverse sound palette she creates something for everybody to enjoy. But, attached to the diverse sound you will find a common thread, and that is hope. 

Honest lyrics, that somehow even while depicting pain will showcase its beauty!


"suffering is the servant of Glory"

Angie Rose