Unstoppable Foundation Incorporated

Mission statement:

Our goal is to lead the community towards patterns of success. We will assist and empower victims of disaster and hardship, providing them with basic needs such as food, water and household supplies. But, to foster future prosperity we will also introduce these communities to entrepreneurs, motivational speakers and successful business owners. Our efforts will benefit all ages however,  we will have a strong focus on youth. And will cultivate creative spaces dedicated to the arts, technology and music. Our goal is to provoke an internal motivation that produces external results. Altogether, our services aim to provide 360 degree transformation, we address todays needs, but remember to inspire the success of tomorrow.

* Puerto Rico June 10th - 17th. Click above for info

Every donation supports our efforts through out Puerto Rico. Included but not limited to our 9 distribution sites, our missions and community center, “Centro De Amor” and multiple community empowerment events.

Your donations also support our efforts with urban youth in multiple cities, including but not limited too, work with juvenile centers, Foster homes, elementary and middle school mentors and internship opportunities for high school and college students.

Donation Tiers

Bronze- $25

Silver- $50

Gold- $100 

Rose Gold- $150

All Tiers will Receive Consistent Updates on Progress

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Support Our Cause

"One of the greatest ways to support the movement is to Join it. The goal is to open our eyes, that we might begin to see the value in those around us, and love them for the diamonds they are! " - Angie Rose