"Suffering is the servant of Glory"

And perhaps life is like a beautiful song. When you look back on the moments that made your heart skip a beat and you look forward to the dreams that make it hard to breathe. You realize that it is the harmony of both that allows this moment its beauty. If the first person to ever play a piano had only hit one key and walked away the world would’ve missed out on the beauty of a chord. In much the same way If life only consisted of moments that made us smile, we would have missed the love of a mother who wipes away the tears of her child. We would never have known the type of hug that says no matter what I wont leave! If we never fell we would never know the beauty of getting up! And if Adam never bit that fruit we would never have known the beauty of redemption and a savior that takes us at our worst simply so that he might have the privilege of loving us into our best! Your life’s’ song is a beautiful melody of memories and dreams, pain and joy, thorns and roses. So sing your song! Sing it so that the world may know that yes in this world there is pain there is suffering, but

Suffering is the servant of glory!

The music is only a part of the story, there is a heart that beats within this movement!

The same heart that beats for Humanity!

We are A family and we are  Unstoppable!


Romans 8: 18 I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

Father, I come before you with my sister/brother, thanking you for the privilege of calling them family. I thank you for their lives and the beautiful plans that you have for them. I pray for clarity of vision, and peace that surpasses all understanding. I pray that in the midst of the storm they would find their savior and rest in him. I pray that they would see that you are creating beauty from ashes and that the moment they think is destroying them, is actually the moment you are using to rebuild them. May they find comfort in an unshakeable awareness that you love them and that they are yours, and may this awareness catapult them to a state of mind that transcends their state of being. May they find joy, which simply means that they find your heart, a heart that says I love you, and I will never leave you nor forsake you, i've promised to finish the good work that i've started and you are my good work.


I love you but most importantly Jesus loves you and that is why


Angie Rose

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